15 January 2009

In this crazy ass world, it's hard to stay committed in a relationship.
Well, if you have plans to get rid of the man you’ve been lugging
around for years then maybe these few solutions are your
ticket to freedom!!!

1. Flirt with every men you see

Without a doubt, men in general love a good flirt.
However, when a man sees you flirt with every Tom,
Dick, and Jerry in public, probably from your colleagues
to club crews, friends to neighbours and worse,
some strangers in the traffic, and left the poor man

behind and look like an idiot, and tell it's not a big deal
to flirt with other men in front of him.

Then, perhaps, he may feel that you are too difficult
to handle, and let you go. The reason is simple,
because overly flirtatious women rapidly turns off a man.

2. Be crazy about commitment

Stalk your man and text him excessively, expect
him to be there for you 24/7 and insist him
to spend everyday with you, and with no partying
and drinking with friends or colleagues, especially
females colleagues. Also, he was only allowed to
have three females contacts stored in his handphone,
that is, his mum,
sister and yourself!

Start talking about wedding plans and having children
before the age of 30, bla, bla, bla ....
Without a doubt, it certainly scares your man off!!!
The reason is, most men are afraid of commitment,
because they would rather let things happen in a natural way.

3. Humiliation

Scold him like a dog!!!! Treat him like an idiot!!!
Makes him look really weak and low infront of you,
and worries that he'll be incompetent and idiotic every
single little days when he is with you.

4. No SEX thanks

Give your man lots of stupid and lame reasons for not having
any sex with him and makes him feel you are damn horrible.
As men genuinely care about how much pleasure they will
have in bed. And, it will certainly turns a man off if you insist
on not having any sex with them.

First, he will feel bored about this relationship and,
probably think you're so damn terrible for not doing it with him,
and for sure, he will leave you!

5. Case of the ex

As I've mentioned in one of my earlier post, the "ex" boyfriend
topic is the most irritating topic I'd want to talk about with any
of my dates. Very likely, your ex boyfriends history is the very
last things most men would like to talk about too, and worse,
if you try to compare them with all your ex-es.

Therefore, inorder to piss him off, tell him how great you
enjoy sex with your previous boyfriends.

6. Bad Hygiene

Do not bathe for 2 days, and without brushing your teeth,
eat lots of onions and try to kiss and hug him to sleep.
Let him smells your stinks...haha...
Okay I mean, no men want a woman that does not bathe on
a regular basis and practice bad hygiene.

7. Possessive

Be a crazy broad, go everywhere with him, and show up at
his place without letting him know and try all sorts of attempts
to go every function with him. Be so sticky towards him until
he finds you irritating and troublesome.

The reason is, everyone needs space to refresh themselves,
besides Love's life and it will certainly scares a man off
if you continued to be that "sticky" towards him.

8. Love parties

Tell him that you love parties and beers, and that you live
to party, even the party's over. Get drunk every weekends,
and secretly tell him that you actually party with your
ex boyfriend and kiss him in the club.

9. Act like his mother

Complains to him about everyone you dislike,
maybe your friends, his friends, your family members
or even his. Nag at everything he does, whether its right or wrong.
Nag, nag, nag and NAG until he can never stand you,
and call you a BITCH!

10. Compliments

Keep asking your man whether you look good every night, and
if he refuse to say so, give him a bad stare and refuse to talk to
for a week, just because you want a nice compliment from him.
And he will probably thinks that you are unreasonable, because
most men think that real compliments come from their heart.

Bonus Tip

11. Get lost....

Ask him to get lost not because you don't love him anymore,
and that he'll get AIDS because of you....!!!

I sincerely hope that the above mentioned solutions will
help some babes to get rid of the men they are getting sick of.
Opps... am real sorry if your girlfriend get to read this post =)