29 January 2009

Me, Myself & I

I am...

a Taurus baby
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I'm a 25 yrs old Taurus baby girl who
is extremely fashion conscious and loves to doll up.
Simply because Taurus is ruled by Venus,
the planet of Love and Beauty.

I can often be seen at shops, spending my money
on expensive stuff.
Because I've a weakness for all things sweet,
which often cause me BROKE at the end of the month.

I like to be rooted,
and can be very stubborn,
with a different mind set and a certain
unwillingness to change.

Taurus babies like me are impatient,
but loyal and caring.
Like the bull that represents my zodiac sign,
I'll be slow to anger but once annoyed,
I'll rage and turn ferocious.

I can be a good friend and a bad enemy too.
I mean, if you are kind to me,
I will treat you double the kindness, but
if you are my bad enemies,
then I m sorry if I treat you 3x the unhappiness.

Well, sometimes I can be quite shy and reserved.
Especially to strangers.. Opps

I m a family-oriented people,
enjoy spending time with loved ones.

I can be romantic and affectionate, but
can be quite possessive and get jealous easily
when my the other half is attention wavers.

And lastly,
never play mind games with
a Taurus baby....

I am...

who I am, & your opinion
isn't needed

The old saying:
I blog for the sake of blogging and for myself,
and not for the sake of others,
and what the fuck if you really don't understand
what the fuck I am blogging about?

Still you?

I am...
Single and Crushing

I'd say,
I love every moment of my Single life,
by not having to answer to anyone but myself.

I mean, I can come and go as I please,
spending my time as I like,
and gives me the freedom to date and go out
with different group of people
without the pressure of having to answer
to anyone else.

Or maybe you can say I choose to go through my life
being single because I can't find a mate?
But the fact is I really do cherish the freedom
and the idea of not having to worry about what my
the other half might think or say.

Oh ya,
someone did mention that maybe
30 years down the road
I am still....



I m trying to maintain
a single lifestyle.
And so, why do you care?

I am...

Make in Singapore

I m staying in a tiny red dot country
with limited resources
and the only source of hope is human,
the intelligent ones like me =)

I am...


I am...
a Pure Chinese?

Me without my contacts...

However my Grandmother
is not a Chinese....
Guess what's her race???

I am...
Confidence of my beauty

I am...
Kissing guys only when...

He's cute and I adored him

He's my friend, and I love him

I am...
Alone but not lonely

I am....
A geek

I am...

Out of Control

My mum told me that... :(

I am....

A good girl with lots of
bad habits

A habit is something you can do without thinking
which is why most of us have
so many of them,
and certainly bad habits are easier to
abandon today than tomorrow...

My bad habits includes:

1. Procrastinating
2. Cursing people who hates me
3. Drinking alcohol
4. Cheating boys feelings
5. Smoking
6. Interrupting people
7. Kissing
8. Flicker minded
9. Sleep without brushing teeth
10. Love eating Panadol
11. Late coming
12. Spending money like water
12. Irresponsible
13. Impatient with people who ask qs
14. Self obsessed
15. Never get serious about anything
16. Emotional
17. Run in the rain
18. Talking shit
19. Love playing mind games
20. So into mean girls

I am...

Your brown eyes girl

I am...
Playing the same old song,
over and over again...

Guess this song...


I am...

KooL but you're NOT

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