20 November 2008

13 November 2008



05 November 2008


Who actually lies?

I guess everyone lies.
And it can even occurs at the first meetings where
everyone wants to present themselves in the best light.

Often, we tell white lies, as it's the easiest way of allowing us
to live together without violence and aggression because
everyone in general prefer to hear subtle distortions of the
truth than the cold hard facts.

Sometimes I lied to myself, for wearing heels to pretend my
my legs are longer than they are. Wearing fake nails and
make up to pretend that I would be *** or maybe lied outright
about my age and weight???


Anyway I guess only enemies speak the truth, while friends
and lovers lie endlessly, so as to avoid argument and unhappiness.


The other day, I saw Martin and to be honest he looks kind
of awful to me, but instead of telling him:

"Hi Martin, you look damn awful with those ugly pimples on
your face and please please consult a dermatologist okay?
And also, what's with that nose hair hanging there?

I said this to him:
"Hi Martin, you handsome hunk ar..."

Arghh... you must be thinking that I m so fake right???
But well, maybe I didn't actually lie, but just let him make a
wrong assumption based on what I didn't tell him, or just
fibbed a little to avoid hurting his feelings.


I remember there was once BB told me how difficult it is
to even tell me the smallest lie, especially face to face,
without getting caught, because I m so good at spotting lies.

Somehow, I realised some of the common expressions that
most liars will used to convince the innocent party like,

"Trust me.... I really didn't..."
"What? I really have no reason to lie... I mean you see.."
"This time I m really telling you the truth... and for the last time..."
"Oh dear, why would I do something like that..."

And with that...
Their facial muscular twitching, no eye contact make to anyone,
and if there's a door the liar will always look.
Fast talking, mispronouncing words coming out, and head
shaking a "NO" while giving a "YES" answer...

I mean, in some way, lies can be detected because they usually
involved emotions that leak out as visual. And the bigger the lie,
the more emotions will be involved, and without a doubt,
clues will be leaked by the liar.

Lying is BAD...
And so, when was the last time you lied?

This post is dedicated to someone who just lied to me!


04 November 2008

Mummy I Love You...
Where would children be without a mum in their lives
cajoling them not to drink too much beer in pubs?
Coming home late? Or maybe eating too much unhealthy food?

My mum is the Queen of Naggers and I seriously can't
take another
minute of her nitpicking, complaining and
harassment :(

Yesterday, my mum deny the nag again, and somehow
didn't realised how irritating she is, but believes the way
to get through my mind is by repeating over and over
for the same instructions that she wants me to do until
fine day, hopefully, I'll probably sink in.

But seriously, I m sick of all the nagging from her :(
It was like from the moment I arrive home until the moment
I go to bed, she starts all her nagging and never lets up.
And somehow, it has come to the point that where the only
communication between me and her is when she tells me all
things that I should do or should not do.

Sometimes I'd rather stay at work than to go home, though
fact that I hate staying OT in the office.
And you can never imagine, the stress of listening to my
complaints and nagging is so strong that I'll get headaches
I see her :S

*Mummy I love you, but I m going out now...

01 November 2008

Halloween @ Zouk