18 October 2008

What makes me Fall Out of Love?

I guess falling in love with someone was all about
the romance game,
where I need to feel love, loyalty,
chemistry, butterflies and
giddiness that I do when
I m in love.

And having a great relationship is like having a
fantastic dinner,
with a delicious grill chicken
of passion accompanied by a fine wine
of romance
and commitment. As it was like men concentrate on
the meat of the relationship, while women get focused
on the
wine, but both want to get up from
the dining
table satisfied.

Think about it, it was usually man who make the first
move during the game,
while women leads the relationship
towards commitment, and men
need to be dragged along
like a toddler to a dentist appointment.

Seriously, Men can be real sickening.
And that's somehow conclude the reason I'd prefer to
have girlfriends
than boyfriends.

I remember there was once I dated a guy, and I felt
so pissed off
when he actually asked me so many
questions about my ex-boyfriend. I simply find it so
wrong to do that during dates
, and I feel like I was on
trial for something.

Questions like, "Where do you met him"? "Why did you
two break up"?
and even to a newly open restaurant,
he would ask, "Did you and him go here before"?

It was like WTF ?
I mean he was behaving like a prosecutor as in keep
on questioning me.
To be honest, it just turns me off,
and seriously this type of guys will
never ever make me
fall in love with him.

There's also another type of guy which totally turn me off.

For example, when we are dating he'll try to be very nice
towards me, like a gentleman and stuff like that.
And when come to pick for a place to chill and relax,
that particular gentleman will ask you to choose any
place as he thinks that everything is fine for him.
But in actual fact, its never the case.

When suggest to catch a movie, he simply reply,
" Ohh, recently I've watch too much movies and I dislike
to catch a show at night".

And when suggest to go to East coast park,
for a romantic walk, his reply was, " Arghhh..
ECP will be too hot for me, and I can't live without an

Alright fine, what about going shopping with
me in the nearby shopping mall, since there's aircon?
His reply was, " Nope, it can be quite boring, since I've
nothing to buy".

I mean its fine if you're unwilling to catch a mid-night
show with me or stuff like that, my point is, since you
are such a fussy person, why not you make the decision
in the first place?

Last type of guy which totally turn me off was a guy
who constantly
tell me about his past relationship.

There was this particular guy who constantly tell me
about his ex gf
during our date. As in, even he drove
past a coffee shop he will be
mentioning about his ex gf,
saying that, it was the place where he
caught his girlfriend
red handed, dating another man.

And when
listening to songs, his ex girlfriend's name will
be mention again,
saying that this song reminds him of
the past, and he constantly
repeated it many many times.
I mean, who actually cares about
the fuck of your
past relationship???

Anyway, I guess falling in love with men is never an
easy task for me.
As love isn't all about cuddly and sweetness.
It was like sacrificing
many things for eg, sacrificing time
at work or with friends.

And most men like being in control of everything which
somehow turn
me off in a way,
and that their power
struggles are the key to their
daily lives, and so if ask men
to give up power voluntarily is never
an easy task for them as well.

Alright, maybe I m someone who can be real fussy about
choosing the
right one, and most of the time feeling insecure,
and need someone
to constantly tell me that he loves me,
and by letting me know
that I m worthwhile, no matter
the amount of confidence I've project.

Enough of my weirdshit, let's me now show you my recent

Oh ya, the other day went to St james for their Anniversary
with all my darlings and I simply enjoyed so much
with that free
flow of wine.