30 September 2008



27 September 2008

Guess every girl at some point of their lives dream
of being a princess, having a prince charming,
a nice castle, and
a kingdom of their own...

As for me, I've not been thinking of anything yet
after the contract. Maybe finding a new job that
enables me to travel around the world
new places which is exciting?

To see the world and its beauty is something
I'd treasure most. What about you?

So recently.
Out of the ordinary, I took an interest in learning
to cook nice food. I wanna impress people and let
them taste my cooking and of course,
it has nothing
to do with my weird shit, but with that something that
I miss, miss making Sushi for my friends and my love ones.

And ya...
Saying about food, reminds me of this restaurant....

The other day, met up with my sister for a ala carte dim
sum buffet
located at Miramar Hotel.

This Orient Ocean Restaurant offers Chinese

dim sum like 虾饺,烧卖, 猪肠粉 , the common
usual dim sum fare...

To be honest, the dim sum was extremely TERRIBLE!
And though, the dim sum is freshly made, it did
not taste good at all. To a further disappointment,
the Xiao Long Bao which came so fucking tasteless,
hard and dry,
that probably without any juice within.

And ya, imagine you have to dip all the food in chili
sauce then maybe you can taste something out of
the something???

Arghhh... you people got to trust me, it's just taste that bad okay.

Overall, it was a huge disappointment having our lunch there.
I can only conclude that this was the worse dim sum
buffet I have ever encounter in my life, and I swear
I'll never return there again.
As my sister was saying,
we get what we pay for, therefore don't expect
quality dim sum for the price....

Alright, I m going to Zzz now..

Its time to hypnotize the weighing machine so that it wont increase...

25 September 2008


22 September 2008

Many people will think that criticism is just a game,
and if you can learn how to play well in this game and
you will find the toxic that flows you off like a fire,
and be sure that this fire will helps you to handle the people
who makes your life miserable.

Seriously I did tried or maybe find ways to free myself
of being hurt by other's criticism.
However, even though I felt armed with a nice attitude
towards everyone, some idiots will just make use of this
opportunity to pull me down.

Very disheartening. Really. So disheartening.
I seriously do not understand why are people so free
to read my blog and to actually call my sister and
complain about me???

You see, there are people who are just fucking hell free
to actually criticise about what I blog and how I dress...

Afterall, I think criticism is just another game, AND...
From my point of view, I think those who criticise me are
actually telling me more about themselves than they are
about me.

Yes, inside taxi also can cam-whore!


16 September 2008

Charlotte @ ECP

11 September 2008

09 September 2008



03 September 2008

I m in a happy mood today and I suppose I should blog
something that sound
delightful, since everyone is
complaining about my weird shit or rather sadness.

But you see, working life have changed me to become an
early sleeper,
and so I guess you guys got to wait till tomorrow
to see my post.

It rains so heavily.
The best time to sleep Zzzz... :)

Tomorrow will always be a better day. It can't rain forever...