31 August 2008

When Love Vs Hate

The other day, Claire told her man this 3 letter word,
"I hate you," and within minutes her man gave her the
best sex of her life, but when Ivy told
her man this
3 letter word, "I love you," she never get to see her man again.

Sick of reality?

28 August 2008

28 Aug 2008.

Today is a special day. Yes, it's definitely a special day!!!
It's so special that I feel so damn bored.

And I guess I must be so bored, to actually stare at the ceiling
for hours and hoping to see a lizard to catch his meal?
Try asking mushroom what she
wants for her supper?
Checking my fridge every half an hour, to
see if there's
something new there?
And looking at my handphone
and wondering
why AiAi is not sending me any message,
though I did try to convince
myself that the
network is busy :(

How pathetic...

But to be honest, there are so many things I wanna do
right now....

Things that I wanna do most

  1. I wanna eat Black Pepper Crab.

  2. I wanna swim with the pink dolphins in Sentosa and be a certified
    divers and dive in the underwater world.

  3. I wanna make my own kite and fly them at the Marine South open
    field. And later, to have a nice steamboat dinner at the nearby

  4. I wanna go fishing at Pasir Ris park with my love ones.

  5. I wanna go Kinokuniya and be like a bookworm for a day.

  6. I wanna see the green and smell the green.

  7. I wanna take a ferry to Pulau Ubin and explore the island.

  8. I wanna go shopping at 3 am in Mustafa Centre.

  9. I wanna enjoy the highest high tea in Swissotel.

  10. I wanna play a Singapore Special Edition Monopoly.

  11. I wanna go Hello kitty Land with mushroom.

  12. I wanna go East Coast Park for a swim and barbeque by the beach.

  13. I wanna do painting again.

  14. I wanna take a train to Changi Airport with AiAi, and seat in the
    departure hall viewing gallery, watch the planes take off and ask
    when can we sit in the plane heading for a vacation?

  15. I wanna take lotsa pictures of myself.

  16. I wanna go to the Singapore Flyer.

  17. I wanna view the animals and unfold the mystery of the jungle.

  18. I wanna enjoy and relax myself with a glass of freshly brewed lager
    at Brewerkz.

  19. I wanna find out what this small plastic floor ball is all about.

  20. I wanna spa by the river.

24 August 2008

Yesterday went to Lido to Catch the movie WALL-E with my darling.
Really thanks to Nuffnang for the free tickets and the pop-corns.




17 August 2008

The nameless ones

Once, when I was young almost a child, there was an
old lady who came,
took my hands and ask,
"My dear, why do you always look so sad"?

Simply because I m not happy.

Almost every night I retraced my steps, drunk on
the excitement of the rubbish people I had met,
and the fake compliments I had received.

While looking back, the whole shit episode of my life
shames me. I am ashamed at my thoughtlessness,
and that single-minded pursuit of excitement and
experience. And I guess enough is enough!

People come and go in our lives, especially the
nameless ones. Suddenly I felt the sickening lurch
of truth spoken by those nameless ones, laughed and
feinted as they planted their blows.

And now, I've believed all the fictions, and learned
my mistakes like a student.

Sometimes the voice inside my head, that voice which
is not calm, asking, " Is this the life you want?"
And if knowing that answer, and that answer is NO,
it makes no difference though, and the outcome is always
the same because.....

I guess everything is going too fast, its like giving the
final chapter before I could hardly think what's next.
And now I don't see who I am.

Yes, maybe I should go back a little, make myself seems less
complicated, and perhaps it could have been different.

And now by listening to Dandelion Promise makes me
realized that everything a fake.

Still down with sore throat

13 August 2008



07 August 2008


Life is just like a bowl of cherries, there are times when you
feel difficult, unpleasant and pain.

I felt the pain yesterday, it was so pain, so pain that even Panadol
can't help me, because there's a hole in my heart.

People who love me cam whoring,
Just For You
Anyway, I have a story to share, a story of
Kiwi & Banana.
Kiwi & Banana meet and they love at first sight.
One fine day, while crossing the road, Kiwi fell and
loses her memory in a tragic car accident.
Banana was anxious and try every attempts to regain Kiwi's memory.
Lots of sorrow, drama, and sad melody.
With strong determination and true love,
Kiwi finally begins to fall in love with Banana again.
On xmas eve that day, while buying candies for Kiwi,
Banana fell and trip over his own feet, & suffers amnesia after the fall.
Lots of sorrow, drama, and sad melody.

Then Slutty Papaya comes along, and attempts to use her two "Big papaya"
to seduce and snatch away Banana from Kiwi.
Lots of sorrow, drama, and sad melody.... but finally...
on the same night under the moon of stars,
Kiwi and Banana regain their memory.

Lots of glitters, kisses and happiness.
Meanwhile, Slutty Papaya try to plot and kill Kiwi.
But with the help of fairy god mother, Papaya failed her attempts
to kill Kiwi and was actually loses her memory for good.
And finally, Kiwi and Banana get married, with Slutty Papaya who
lost her memory married to Banana's father.
Green apples background with the words:
"Both couples lived happily ever after"...

The End.

You must be wondering, what the fuck I m trying to blog about?
But who care the fuck about what the fuck I m trying to blog about?

Kay, my phone rings...
And I feel So damn WRONG about myself....

Every single things I do, "so wrong"

  1. I didn't brush my teeth before I had my breakfast, so wrong.

  2. I didn't kept quiet when people are pissed off, so wrong.

  3. Eating durian in the middle of the night, so wrong.

  4. Comparing people with people, so wrong.

  5. Complaining using the fuck word on me, so wrong.

  6. Asking for a non existing status, so wrong.

  7. Trying to prove that it was all excuses, so wrong.

  8. Trying to think that it was all about flirting, so wrong.

  9. Trying to test people's patience, so wrong.

  10. Downgrading other people, so wrong.

  11. Unable to understand people's needs, so wrong.

  12. And lastly, PMS so damn wrong.

06 August 2008

A Terrible Happiness

"Erm... Hi"

"Sometimes back, I dreamt about us watching the stars
together for a while"

"Oh well... and then..."

"Why do you sound so distance towards me?"

"Sorry... but I guess we have nothing to talk about"


"I suppose, once you get so flare up with that particular
you never really can go back...."

"But... I was the closet one to you, at least for a while, and
that was enough for you to know..."

"That was the past...."

"Oh please... I know you better than you give me credit for"

"So what?"

"And so.. why do you feel annoyed and hurt?"

"Who says so? Did I ever mentioned about I feel annoyed
and hurt?"

"Annoyed when you thought you never meant a thing to me,
hurt because I didn't reply your "I miss you" message.

"Ha Ha Ha... and so you think I care a fuck about that"?

"That's harsh..."

"I m feeling real sorry, but am dating one particular guy lately..."

"I said... I m dating someone else..."

"Are you sure...."

"Yes, didn't I mention to you earlier that I m dating someone???"

"Sorry, I didn't aware of that..."

"And now you know...."

"Do you miss me???"

"Oh please... stop that..."

"Tell me that you miss me"

"NO... full stop."

"Why are you behaving like this?"

"Alright, then tell me what m I to you?"

"You are my sweet heart"

"Ha Ha Ha.... sweet talks. I hate that!"

"Chatting with you really burns off my brain cells"

"Alright then bye bye."

"Wait.... ... ... .... .... "

"Please.. let me go... now I can only recall the days you hurt me..."

"I m sorry if I've accidentally hurt you in any ways..."

"Accidentally? Ohh.... what a word...
Its okay, I tend to forgive and forget..."

"Can you stop behaving like that?"

"What is like that?"

"Arghhhh... you driving me mad..."

"Ya, I can sense that you are going to be mad...."

"Stop that...!!!!"


"I m going to find a real girlfriend....
and that's for sure..."

"You have been telling me for this past one year...
Go ahead baby.... you can live without me"

"I m really going to find a real girlfriend and block you

in msn forever!"

"You've been blocking me for the longest time, and so what's
the big deal? and just like
I've told you...
go ahead with your plans..."

"...... offline......"

My conversation with BB.

03 August 2008

01 August 2008

Jocelyn's Birthday

................ ........................