29 July 2008

I Miss You

The world is turning upside down, spinning round
and round,
and I can't think of anything else but this
three letter word,
" I Miss You".....

It was about 6 hours ago, I picked and sms 10 person this
three letter word, "I miss you". And guess what they've reply me?

1) Mushroom - Yeah, my twin. I sms her "I miss you",
and she took 20 mins to reply this message, and just like
what I've expected, she simply reply by
saying, "Are you mad"?
Conclusion: She don't miss her twin. Poor me.

2) Putt - My "bah kah" friend, we used to say that one fine day
going out to eat that "bah kah".
And I thought he probably be the first,
or maybe the second
fastest person to reply me, but NO. Just when I was wondering
why the hell he ignore me, then I realised he
was out of town,
probably now at Hong Kong eating "bah kah" without me

Conclusion: What a joke?

3) JingJing - My yapie sister, teacher and counsellor,
upon received my message, she was so excited that she
wanna meet me up for dinner.

Conclusion: That's what friends are for.

4) CK Foo - My sister's girlfriend ex boyfriend. I guessed
he must be shocked to received that kind of message from
me, and ya, his reply was, "pulling a prank huh"?

Conclusion: Yes, but no, I was just helping your ex girlfriend
to text this message.

5) Christina - My darling. She took 1 hour 30 mins to
reply that she miss me.
hmmm... at least better than nothing.
Conclusion: I miss you too even though you took like
90 mins to reply that you miss me as well.

6) Mr T - If you have been reading my blog from the start,
I guessed you should
be able to identify who the fuck is this Mr T.
Arghhh....Still catch no balls ar?

Alright, he is my super ex boyfriend, and I started this blog
because of him, but
I m so OVER him right now.
And I thought it will be fun to message him this

three letter word "I miss you".
Conclusion: It turns out to be a bad joke when he
suddenly reply saying that he wanna come my house
and bed me. WTF?

7) Kel Choo - My dear brother. He simply reply me,
"Yoz, you text the wrong guy"

Conclusion: Lol.

8) Allan - A nice guy. Someone who thinks highly of me
and wanted to be my cc or dd.

Conclusion: Thanks for the reply, I miss you too.

9) Mrs Tea - My long lost sister. The one and only
person that I've to sms 3 times to get her reply,
and her reply was, "What? I already post it yesterday".

Conclusion: Who cares, I just wanna know your reply.

10) BB - The 1st person that I've sms, and .......
Conclusion: And so you want to know what was his reply???

Just another set topic "I miss you".

27 July 2008

Guy Bourdin

25 July 2008

Things that bother me

1) No HL milk for a week.
2) Losing things (I've just lost my wallet again)
3) Not very good with "hello's", (people loathe me for that)
4) Growing older (I don't
mind growing taller.)
5) long nails (Gross)
6) Jobless (eating grass soon)
7) Getting more and more impatient with people around me
8) Being lost in this realistic world
9) Gaining weight
10) Lose my sense of innocence and sincerity
11) Moving out of this house
12) Dating girls
13) Wake up 6am everyday after 1st August.
14) Diet
15) Getting more clueless and careless day by day
16) Having a clear cut with BB
17) Bills (Credit cards, hp, Internet ... just make me sick!)
18) Getting weird
19) Started and having feelings for this certain individual
20) Getting a "F" for interview

Now probably you'll just think that I m a complete idiot!

Anyway, for the first time in my entire life, I seriously
think that I should be shot
with a gun, arghhh...
a gun that just enough to hurt me but not enough
to kill me!

Simply because I failed again.

You see, I get so nervous when I enter the room, especially
when I meet the person,
and I guess she must be thinking that
I m insane,
which usually wouldn't bother me,
since I've failed so many times.

Kay, I m heading for a great dinner later with a friend,
and I guess only food can cheer me up.

Yeah, I've a fucked up life, so why do you care?

20 July 2008

.... ....

19 July 2008

16 July 2008

Wish me luck

They say before you enter the room, adjust your attire
so that it falls well.

They say a little bit of humor or wit thrown in the discussion
enables the
interviewers to look at the pleasant side of
your personality.

They say to maintain eye contact with the panel is
important and
they say.......

Tomorrow, I m going for an interview at this XXX company.
For those who love me, please wish me luck :)

Browsing through the Q&A make me sick....

15 July 2008


14 July 2008

The Problems with Men

1. If you treat him nicely, he says you are IN LOVE with him,
and if you don't he says you are Proud.

2. If you dress nicely, he says you are trying to lure him,
and if you don't he says you are from Village.

3. If you argue with him, he says you are Stubborn,
and if you keep Quiet, he says you have no Brains.

4. If you are Smarter than him, he'll lose face,
and if he's Smarter than you, he is Great.

5. If you don't Love him, he tries to Possess you,
and if you love him, he will try to leave you.

6. If you say you don't Make Love with him, he says you
don't love him,
and if you do, he says you are Cheap.

7. If you tell him your Problem, he says you are troublesome,
and if you don't he says that you don't trust him.

8. If he Scolds him, you are like a Nanny to him,
and if he Scolds you, it is because he Cares for you.

9. If you Break your promise, you Cannot be Trusted,
and if he Breaks his, he is Forced to do so.

10. If you Smoke, you are a Bad girl,
and if he Smokes, he is Gentlemen....

11. If you do well in your exams, he says it's luck,
and if he does well, it's Brains.

12. If you Hurt him, you are Cruel,
and he Hurts you, you are too Sensitive!!

Sources taken from an email

06 July 2008

..Alone I do so, Alone you say so

Alone I lay on my bed
Alone I stay in the dark
Alone I listen to the old songs play
Alone I drink my milk
Alone I eat my dry cheese biscuits
Alone I sit in the cold
Alone I smile at my teddy bear
Alone I think of the so many possibilities
Alone I pray
Alone I wait for the rescue boat
Alone I hold the candle
Alone I miss the kissing moments
Alone I am not alone

The day before yesterday, went to eat "Lok Lok" with Christina,
Wayne, Alvin and Lawrence. Well, this time was without Matthew again.

To be honest, I seriously have no idea what really happen to Matthew?

Is he mentally tired after his work? Sad over certain things?
Mood swing just like me? Or merely just avoiding me???

Anyway, I was too tired to even bothers about stuff like this,
and I felt sleepy, so sleepy that
I fall asleep in Wayne's car.

And dear Alvin, please do not take any pics of me while I was asleep,
simply because it's kind of rude! :(


I shall strangle you, if you ever do that again!

05 July 2008

Happy Birthday

Picture of my family
My mum loves cheecake

Baby Julien