31 May 2008

IF things are that simple

Slept at 3am yesterday and woke up 3pm today.
And this somehow conclude how much life hates me.

The past one week, I've been spending time shopping,
partying, shopping,
partying, and still shopping and
And now, I just wanna spent my time sleeping!

Well, maybe I should stop acting like a bum and
start reorganized my room,
but come to think of it,
I've got so many things to pack and so little time given.

Or maybe.... I need a maid???

Come to think of it, maids can be quite scary.
Imagine out of ten maids, five who can't cook,
three who enjoy dropping babies
like bean bags
and one may even mistook employer's baby
a punching bag.
Haha... guess my imagination
is astounding.

Oh ya, did I mentioned about my PC CRASH?
And did I mentioned about spending money at
the Internet Cafe just to surf and blog,
and for no reason, repeat after me,
this is how much life hates me.

Also, just when I've finished hiding all the
evidence that I am STILL deeply in love
that someone, BB came back.


29 May 2008


28 May 2008

My Bangkok Trip

Endless nightlife is an understatement




27 May 2008

I am back........... :)
Blogging soon...

24 May 2008


21 May 2008

I'll be going Bangkok from 22 to 26 of May...

19 May 2008