03 April 2008

A long post about nothing....


"There was this little girl who was dumb.
Until she went to this bitchy environment and became a slut.
When she was drunk, she broke down and cried.
And later committed suicide,
by drowning herself in a pool of rotten apples".
I begin to realise, I am a SluttyDumbBitch and a
dirty little liar which probably lost every shred of respect
Ms tea had for me.

I am sorry to say that I gradually lost my conscience
about anything,
or everything and till now I m still finding
my very own conscience. You told me that I was too stubborn
and too persistent of my own thinking, and therefore tend to
make many mistakes. But when you're kind enough to share
your thoughts with me about anything,
and everything,
I totally ignore you. But at the same time, I love you.

Because in all honesty, I really find it amazing how you can
survived through
this 11 years of friendship with me.
Though the fact that I've lied to you.

I lied to you. am sorry I lied to you.
I lied to you about being able to stand up again but the fact
that I went back to my own rotten way.

I knew my apology doesn’t seemed to work, when you'll
probably throw me a dirty look the very next time we meet,
and certainly to start a phone fight with me on our next sos
hotline session, but I .....

People Out There

I really find no logical reason why some people out there
just want my attention, when I am busy minding my own
business in my own world.

Recently, I've come to realise that I've been replying strange
emails and comments about me with no logical sense,
and I seriously find it so absurd to the fact that I actually post
them a reply.

As I've said earlier, I blog for the sake of blogging and for myself
and not for the sake of others, and what the fuck if you really
don't understand what the fuck I am blogging about?

And I seriously hate people who criticise me without any logical reason.

Kay, I shall cut it short.
This week, I've received several emails about my so called readers.
One was saying, "Hey babe, why do you keep blogging about your
love life"?
"Can you like blog something about your make up"?
My reply was,
" Hi, I am sorry to say this, but I think if you dislike
the way I blog,
then kindly leave my blog site, coz I can't think of
any good reason for you to stay here.
And ya, what's with my make up?"

The other was saying, "God... you've got monster eyes... you scared
me off, and please
STOP using the word FUCK in your essay".
My reply was,
" FUCCCCCCKKKKKK..... I simply love the word FUCK.
Nice word Fuck,
and I don't wrote essay. I blog a post."

Another was saying," I detest you!!!!!"
My reply was,
" Then continue to detest me.... "

Besides receiving weird emails, there's one particular girl out
of the ordinary, wrote me a comment in one of my blog post,
saying about how my so called fake "brown eyes" bothers her,
and "how disgusting" she thought I am.

Does it really matters to you people?

Weird Dream

Not every night I get weird dream, but there's one particular night,

I got a really weird one, a dream about the number 4411.

In my dream, I was sent to this room called 4411.
In 4411, I met many of my friends, but everyone was behaving
I was wearing a skit with a kind of bustier top, and was
on the verge of getting something I badly needed, and then
I saw everyone was writing the number
4411 on a piece of paper.

Kay, I know it really sound so absurd without any sense at all and
I couldn't remember clearly what really happen next, but all I
can recall
is the number 4411. Yeah, I remember its 4411.
And whats with the number 4411?

And so the next day I bought the number 4411.

To be exact, I bought the number 4411, 1144, 1414, 4141, 1441
and ya.. I didn't win any. haha
Lousy dream~

The Perfect Stranger

Yesterday I've come to realise that I became a stranger to someone.
I was pretty much sad to know about the disturbing facts that
I m actually a stranger, and probably a nobody to that someone.

I gotta admit that I still haven't get over the past, and
letting myself
to have a good cry doesn't really works, but at least I tried.

I just want to say, I would give anything and everything to go back.

Only people who love me are allowed to comment. I m that serious.