04 March 2008

Rotten Apples Theory

I m in a bad mood today, because I ate a rotten apple

Nonsense aside.
Lately, I've been dividing my time between dating and partying.
Oh ya tragically, I was out of love again :)
This time, I m not going to blog anything about this
particular person.
But I think if a person can't even bother
to be honest to himself about what
he wants, then
please kindly
make an effort to fully mask his motives
so probably
I don't
get to see right through his shabby excuse.
Anyway, love is gone
and so is the four-letter word.

Love aside.
Lately, I realised I've enjoyed talking to myself about anything
in particular,
and I found how awesome is that!
I knew it's a bit of weird shit, but I really enjoyed it.

For some reason, I feel so blue.. so blue though its not Monday.
I wonder what it really meant to be alive?

I m so Bleeding in Love.....

Me, alone, stares out of the window as the stars assemble.
I can't help but missed the times you held my hands....
And when my eyes trying to pick up a clue in yours, it was all
all about... all about... lovin' you!

I've eaten one rotten apple but there's still many left on the
waiting for me. The Red, crunchy, juicy ones!