28 February 2008


26 February 2008


Toilet Joke - This could happen to you

Mike was barely sitting down in the bathroom

when he heard a voice from the other stall saying:

"Hi, how are you?"

Mike is not the type to start a conversation in
the restroom
but he don't know what got into him,
so he answered, some what embarrassed,

"Doin' just fine!"

And the other person says:
"So what are you up to?"

What kind of question is that?
At that point, Mike is thinking this is too bizarre so he say:

"Uhhh, I'm like you, just traveling!"

At this point Mike is just trying to get out as fast as he can
when he hear another question.

"Can I come over?"

OK, this question is just too weird for him but
he figured he could just be polite and end the conversation.
Therefore he tell them ,

"No........I'm a little busy right now!!!"

Then he hear the person say nervously...

"Listen, I'll have to call you back.
There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all
my questions."


25 February 2008

To be myself

I had never thought it would be so difficult to be myself.
I am 24 this year, and I got a problem of adjusting to the
social image. This is a bit of weird shit right?

I am constantly being told by my mum,
"You are old enough to understand".
"A big girl like you shouldn't behave like this".
"What will people say"?
"You can't dress like that to go parties... ".

Why are there so many do's and don'ts?
I'm just being myself!

Being myself really annoyed lotsa people around me:

I am so sure that many of my bad habits may be a
source of annoyance to other people.

Guess everyone will agree that punctuality is an
important virtue. I mean it actually shows that we
respect the time which others spare for us or are
willing to give us.

As for me, I detest the habit of arriving late at a meeting,
a movie or a date.

Alright, it may sound weird, as in I hate being late but
the fact that I was NEVER early. I don't deny that I've
no sense of time and I m the kind that will late for everything.

Losing Things

Almost all of us lose something and then spend a long
time looking for it. As for me, I am a great one for losing

I was always looking for something or the other which I had
misplaced, it may be my handphone, ATM card, bags or wallet.
Then again, I remember I lost my wallet twice and it was really
a disaster.

I once lost my Guggi handbag. It was the first time this kinda
thing happened and I really don't know what to do.
I believe that I have somehow left my bag behind near the
bus stop.

Trying to look for it but still no trace of it.
Then with no choice, I've to go to the police station
and report the lost of my handbag and it took me almost
2 hours to record
my statement. And due to this, I was late
for work and my boss was really unhappy.

Sometimes I wondered, is there any way of not losing things?
Anyway, it is obvious that losing things can prove to be very
clostly both in terms of money and time.

Most of the times people conclude that I am a very difficult
person to deal with, most probably of my attitude & behaviour.

People are telling me that they're really upset to see when
I actually adopt the kind of "helpless" attitude. That is,
not being independent, rebel against the tendency to
postpone important dates, finding excuses not to attending
important functions, lack of self-discipline and a habit of
laziness than any serious problem.

Kay, maybe I am a lazy bum who is not diplomatic and tactful
in the sense that, not trying hard enough to please the people
around me.

To be honest, I do not know how many people I have
annoyed due to my attitudes, mannerisms, behaviour
and maybe opinions, but I guess I m just being myself,
though the fact that you may not like it.

Accept my weird shit if you love me

24 February 2008

When the road gets dark
and Nothing I do make sense...

I got up 10 am in the morning,
ate half a carton of
ice-cream in one setting and Jumped off to bed.

It was about 2 hours later then I finally had my
so called "breakfast". I had mee siam plus wings and
1 cup of HL milk. I then ate some Chipster
chips and
2 slice of cheese and went back to sleep again.

After 1 and a half hour of nap, I went downstairs to have
my lunch alone.
I had fried rice, 4 wings, and a bowl of
mushroom soup and went back
to finish my left over
ice-cream and Chipster chips.
Talk about being a Pig.
Come to think of it, I'm still evidently hungry.

Out of boredom, I chat with F m k.

My conversation with this French guy:

F m k: Hi sexy :)

me: Hi

F m k: You look kinda sexy!

me: Nope. I am hot and sexy...

F m k: Nope.......

me: So it's about the "N" word?

F m k: :)

you see... my previous post about men is so true..

Kay, after all the shitty chat with this french guy,
I am obvioulsy bored... and so
I took out 200 pounds beauty dvd and watch it for
the 5th time.

Mhmmm yeah... I can't help but wondered why all korean
actress look kinda the same? And why the hell their skin
seems so flawless. Then I look at myself in the mirror...
and I saw PIMPLES!!!!
Wtf .... Pimples?

I hate pimples..... I repeat it... I hate it!!!!

I am clueless about having pimples all over my face
out of a sudden, and I really need to cure it!
To be honest, I hate pimples and I hate it with passion!!!

"Miss Rong... having pimples is not a big deal, c'mon lets
face the fact that having pimples means you're still damn
fucking young!"

Guess I'm going to drive everybody and myself to the point
of insanity of my pimples issue.
Anyway, I've decided to stay
at home and no parties for this weekends, and probably get
my eight full hours of sleep.

Nothing I write on this post makes sense.
This is, however, where I can put my thoughts to ink and
not have to say them in my head over and over again.

18 February 2008



I guess I am too crazy about CHIPSTER!!!!

Simply love the classic taste of Chipster,
the crunch in every single bite, it just got better & better..

Chipster just got better...

16 February 2008


09 February 2008

99 Words

There's a guy who calls me a Bitch,

and so I call him an Asshole.

This asshole friend of mine is really sweet and
and would you believe if I told you he's
one year junior than me?

12 more days and he's leaving me to aussie to
further his studies. Well, I can't help but wonder,
why is everyone leaving me?

Also, I woke up at 6.20 pm today.
And when I woke up, I was incredibly anxious because
the first
and foremost thought in my head was,
"Gosh, I'm so gonna be late again"!

Yes.. I was late for work! Always! :D


08 February 2008

I am the reason why

The most ordinary thing happened today.
I woke up, feeling terrible after all the drinking
from partying.Guess, I've been partying too much.

Okay, maybe I Need a Break!

Putt left me and went to Hainan island.
The feeling is weird... don't really know how to elaborate it.
But I'll definitely miss him, his morning sms, and
his forever saying bah kah & Strawberry.


The most weird thing happened today.
About a few hours ago, while I was still sleeping like a pig,
I received a sms from Mr T. ya, no doubts its Mr T...
Its weird okay, as in he sms me a very lame cny joke!
its not the usual him.

Anyway, its almost a year since he dumped me & told me
its over, and being a dumpee, I guess there's no need
to response to this kinda message... ?

On the phone with Ms Zoe.
Try telling her my complicated-no-love-life,
and then she told me, she got herself a new boyfriend.
Bitch!!!... That's what I've said to her....
I mean, she actually found someone before me???

Virgin BB


It just makes the loneliness more obvious....

07 February 2008

Me & my Mushroom twin

X-tin & Jensen

04 February 2008

The best breakfast I have ever in my life....

I was feeling touched, my twin actually prepare breakfast for me...

Oh so sweet of you, Ms Elsie!

03 February 2008