29 January 2008

How Men Express their Love - my replies

When I was clearing my old mails,
I saw an email titled "How Men Xpress their Love!!!"

Okay, I never thought I'd read something that
so stupid, lame and dumb...

Here it goes....

1. When a man is quiet and is alone, he's
thinking how good you're, he's missing you!!!

Gosh... this is total bullshit okay.
And as far as I know, men only think about having
Sex with us.
That is Fug You!

2. When a man is lying on his bed,
he's thinking deeply why he loves you.

What? Thinking about us again?
Oh pls, give me a break, as I'll guarantee you that,
men only capable of getting more excited about
Fucking us, and which is the best position.

3. When a man hugs you while sleeping,
he's wishing that you belongs to him 4ever.

Haha... Let's face it, nothing last forever!
And so, you do believe in true love?

4. When a man calls you everyday,
he miss you and wants your attention.

Haiz.. this is what pisses me off about Men.
How can a man be possible calls you
Except for the fact that, they need you for Sex.

5. When a man sms you everyday,
he wants you to know he is fine.

This one is inherently stupid because how can a man
sms a woman everyday?
I mean you guys got nothing better to do isit?

If someone sms me everyday,
I'll make sure he can never reach me anymore!
I seriously hate smsing!!!!

I sincerely hope that, I don't scare you off...
And to be honest, I am bored, and that's the reason,
why I m blogging now....

I am just like a clock, that isn't dead yet..