28 November 2007


27 November 2007

Happy Birthday.... Ms Kerin


22 November 2007

This morning, I've attended the introductory
workshop of
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Singapore Conference Hall.

Well, I found this course rather helpful to achieve
one's personal
and interpersonal effectiveness.

Its a two days course, though is short,
but I've learnt pretty much from the trainer
and the
guide book.

The trainer Michael was fun-loving,
and shared lotsa his personal experiences.

I'm not sure about others, but personally,
I like Habit 4 and 7 the most.

In Habit 4 to 7, we learnt about making
into others' emotional
bank accounts (which is very useful)
identifying our
mutual benefits.

And I absolutely love the videos session. . .

Though the workshop ended early at about
but I'm definitely not going back to office.

Oh please, give me a break!

I went home after the workshop,
and begin my sushi making session alone.

It has been so long since I make sushi,

but this time not for Mr T or dummy,
its for my 2 dear sista Jing Jing and Swee Swee.
(Hopefully they will appreciate my sushi)


20 November 2007


13 November 2007




11 November 2007

ah mai's cookies

I miss ah mai's cookies...
Someone came and ask me one very sober question:
“What are the three most important things in your life“?

Without the slightest hesitation , I should say all
of us will agree, that Life, Love and Money are
the most important things in this world.

Without life the world will have no apparent meaning?
Without life, we wouldn’t be enjoy eating good stuff,
singing Ktv or even blogging?

My formula for living is quite simple.
You see, I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night.

To me, Love makes everything lovely,
and is the very essence of this world.
And if you conclude Life is the flower then
Love shall be the honey.

Love makes life so confusing, but I guess no
one can live without Love?
Just don't forget to love yourself!

Yes, Money.

We may never realize how important Money is to us until..
Anyway, Money just talks !!!!

With money, I can buy pretty dress ,
diamonds, chauffeured cars and
not forgetting IPL...
With money I can stayed in fine hotels, tour the world,

release my very own album......(pls don't dream...)
and with money, I would have gone shopping
@ Orchard road by now… ):

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week


10 November 2007

The L Word

The L word season 5 is coming..

Lately, I've been fascinated with the L word series.
I've just finished watching season 1 & 2.
Well, Bette Porter returns in season 5... and the
only word she can say is Fu*k u.!
But I found her most sexy when she says

Katherine Moennig as Shane in the L word

Gosh, Katherine Moennig (shane) is
the most irresistible person I've ever laid eyes upon.

I should say, she could turn any straight girl gay?
Oh...I love her so much that I actually try really hard
to refrain myself from watching her in the L word episodes.

But I was so in love with shane!

I'm not a les, but wishing.......

09 November 2007


08 November 2007

Today I went to Dawn's coffee house with my
sister shermeen.

To my amazement, the coffee house has changed
so much, and it was like a year
or more since
I last visit ah mai and papa.

I chat with dawn and ah mai, but papa
seems so quiet?

I guess probably it has been so long since
I last visit him,
and our common conversation
is not there anymore.
Well, no matter what,
he's still the papa I respected :)

Out of nowhere, Dawn mention about my
ex boyfriend.

She was saying: "So hows you and your boyfriend"?

I was like... somehow tongue tied?

I paused for a moment, and said: "Its Over"!!!

Its so OVER!

Alright, I shall not narrow down to my ex again.

You see, its so pointless..

I parted with shermeen, and went home shortly.
Took a hot bath, had my Nutri fresh and went
for a short nap.

Can you imagine life like this?
Half a day gone, and I spent doing nothing.

I became fully awake only when I received a call
from Jasmine.

She told me a shocking news.

Ling man was dead!!!

Ling man was my secondary schoolmates,
and she's only 23 this year.
She's a nurse, and most of the time she's working
night shift
and her boyfriend used to fetch her
home after work.

As usual, her boyfriend came and fetch her
yesterday at 4am
in the morning with his bike.
Unfortunately, on their way back, the bike skidded.

Sadly to say, Ling man died on the spot while
her boyfriend
only had minor injuries.

She's so young yet so...
No doubts, everyone feel sad for her.

Though we're just hi-bye friend, but I do
feel sorry and sad for her.

Suddenly I felt life's so short.
And.. got the urge to tell my ex that I
still miss him as much.

You see, we can never predict what will happen

Maybe one day.. perhaps one night.. or..
Okay I know, its pointless.. so pointless...

Tomorrow I may go to the wake with my dummy,

hopefully she'll rest in peace.

PS: Death row is a state of mind

ave you wonder why wedding ring
was round?

Have you ever...?

03 November 2007

First of May
(a song dedicated for you)

The days feel like years when I'm alone

Its Saturday night, and I got no where to go?
I m so bored that I read moon's diary...

No doubts, ah moon loves cheese.
She miss last year Xmas celebration
with her ex boyfriend @ Taiwan.

Moon believe that she's still belongs to
this guy,
and to her, he meant more than
anything in this world.

In one of the pages, ah moon wrote:

I never throw this hat away,
though its rusty and its smell.
I wish to wear this hat forever,
but guess this hat is no longer here.

And, moon was sad.

When you walk away, I actually did
counted the steps that you take..


02 November 2007


01 November 2007

Think positive

My best friend told me she had suffered from Thyroid problems for 5 years,
and her condition is getting worse that might have to undergo surgery.
I was somehow shock upon hearing that, because I thought she looks perfectly fine.

I do feel sorry for her, and hope she'll be fine.Though I can't do much for her,
but hope she understands I'll be there for her whenever she needs me.
That's what friends are for right, and its 10 years of friendship.

For you:

Hey babe, I do understand how you feel, don't be sad, you'll be alright.
Think positive, probably you'll only need to take on some medications than
to undergo any surgery?
I'll always be by you side.
God bless.