28 October 2007

Zouk - 27 oct 2007

24 October 2007

I'll always have the memories, of being with you...

I'm frustrated, because I cant tell if its real.
I'm upset, because we cant make it right.
I'm aggrivated, because you don't seems
to understand.

I'm most disappointed when we can't be together.

Sometimes, I thought things between us may
be getting better,
or maybe a little simpler, but
I really dislike the feeling of turn it around
and piece it back together.

I wondered, will you be there for me when
I needed you?

Or maybe, I should have known that,
right from the start,
you're just out to fool?
Ok, maybe the word "fool" is too big a word?

But, If you still don't understand why I ignore
you yesterday,
then I guess you don't understand me.

The reason is, you hurt me so much than I deserve,

and that, you are real cruel.
You see, my pride just wont let you see me
as a fool anymore!

If I was given another chance,

I will definitely choose not to meet you there.
I'll find another world, another life, or maybe
another love, but it will NEVER be another you!

Anyway, thanks for the friendship and
thanks for the love, though only for a while.

I've one more thing to say, if i had.. _______
I would wish for one more day... and I swear!


23 October 2007

Its our "Healing sunday"....

dumb dee dee dumb


22 October 2007

Have I gone too far?

Sorry if I've hurt you....

If you're upset for the things I have said,
please accept my apology.

I shouldn't be cursing you,
piss you off or even wreck your life
those cruel words.

I'm sorry, really sorry.

You may think that I'm out of hand,
or too naive to understand, but look,
we're both dealing with our limits.

I was upset you see,
almost all the time, and ya, I know
you wouldn't care.


If you think it hurts you, it probably hurts
me too.

Just wanted to tell you, I m really sorry.
Probably, we're not supposed to know each other.

Lastly, hope we could be friends again.

Hope you'll find the one that makes you smile..
but I gonna miss you,bb.


20 October 2007

The Facebook Skit

Wohoo.... amazing!
Does anyone want to be my Facebook stalker?
Or will you poke me in Facebook? :)

This video rocks!
So creepy yet so hilarious...

The video:

Hello Facebook....


18 October 2007

Stress is normal?

I feel so stress related to work and decisions...
Well, my stress consists of both physical
and mental.

As you can see, its towards the year end,
bonus approaching and so is appraisal.

Yes I do agree, I've failed to obey the time
management, and if they have high expectations
on me when one's was away, or whatsoever,
I'll be direction-less!

I dislike people at work telling me,
"Oh, you need some stress to perform your best",
"Its the key to management"...

Its all bullshit !!
The fact is, we just work like cows..!

I really need to talk it out, and not suffer silently
but I hate complaining!

Besides that, I have a tough decision to make..
Should I or should I not???
It have been bothering me for almost a week!

Perhaps I should.......

17 October 2007

@Tian Fu



15 October 2007


yeah, trying to be


alwayS me, myself & I


13 October 2007

Say it isn't so...

I couldn't make myself to fall asleep
even for now.

Sleepless night has become a big issue for me,
and because of this, I often feel low or
even suicidal.

I m just afraid that one day, I could have
serious underlying problems like depression
or sleep apnoea.


That's sound scarily...

My doctor told me that life expectancy is
significantly reduced in people sleeping less
than 4.5 hours and in those sleeping over
7.5 hours per night.

And the optimal duration of sleep is more like
eight hours..

Well, I guess if i wanted to live longer I will have to
force myself to sleep for eight hours everyday.


And it was so recently, my puffy eyes also became
an issue for me.

You see, I was a clubber and very often,
I will tend to club till the next morning.

Puffy eyes, dark circles, and pimples!
What's more?

Yes, I know, teabags place on puffy eyes will
reduces swelling and dark circles, but it just
never works for me.

I'm so troubled.....


10 October 2007

Taste Paradise

Me "n"joying e food. .

Hot Plate Shark's Fin


my favourite dish. ..

sweet. . . . .

@ China town K box

Always her bibi bu

Can't believe it, she even sing "wang jie" song.. .

Ms kerin singing....

Hokkien Queen. .

Omg, she sing again...

09 October 2007

My thoughts...

When I was much younger,
I used to
admire intelligent people.

As I grow older,
I admire kind people,
perhaps that’s the reason why I was so in
love with him?

So where should I start?

After reading my blog entry,

some of my friends came and ask me,
“What happen to you, you sound really sad here”?

Well, is that true?
Sorry to make you guys worry.

I’m perfectly fine here.

I mean, I felt so much better now,
though there are times when I'll still miss him.

Well, I don’t deny the fact that I will miss him
when something really good happens
or something troubling me, because in all
honestly, he's still the one who understands
me perfectly.

Frankly speaking, I never stop loving him.
Probably I just learn how to live without him,
as I know fairly well I can’t go back to him,

and it will never be the same anymore.

But you see, I have so many memories with him,
so many things to look back on, and I learned
and gained so much from him, though I hated him
sometimes when he makes me cry.

So I guess, its a natural thing to miss him times
after times.

Very often, I feel I was haunted by the purposelessness
of my life,
and was trying so hard to find a new content in it.
Then I realise that the past can never be changed.

And I knew zillion of words can never bring him back
to me anymore, let alone my tears.

Many says, being strong means being able to let go?

Well, from this relationship,
I've learnt a good lesson
that giving someone all your love
is never an assurance
that they'll love you back!

Just dont expect more love in return, and that's about it.

Well, I guess maybe God really really want me to
meet a few more wrong ones,
before meeting the
right one, so that I will tend to treasure my precious gift
on a much mature state later.

PS: When the door of my happiness closes, another opens,
however i
t was me who took so long to realize that I was
actually given a chance to open a new door ...

06 October 2007

My niece Charlotte

Hi everyone, My name is Charlotte

Dont be mistaken, I'm a baby girl, not boy . . .

Yesh, trying to act cute.. . . .

I Love camera... take more pics of me pls...

I'm 2yrs old now.. . . . . keke