30 September 2007

Guy Bourdin

29 September 2007


A gift for someone

28 September 2007


27 September 2007

Cut the CRAP!

I’m just not ready for a long -term relationship!
Its not you. Its me!

Sound rather familiar?
Of all the men who say “Its not you, its me”,
99% of them are lying.

Why do men use that line as their escape hatch?
And the real reason why the line works so well
during a break up because it cuts the head off a
relationship quickly without leaving
anyone getting hurt.

Well.. that’s not always true.

Seriously, men are damn selfish
The implication of the “us, not you
” line, is clear enough.

He’s lying. If he wanted a future with you,
it wouldn’t be matter what happened with his studies,
careers or anything else.

Its just their easiest and most painless way out.
This line “Its not you, its me” somehow is a relationship

3 months ago my boyfriend who broke up with me said
the same line..
Its not you, its me”…
“Its not about your problems, the problems lies on me”…

Probably they do not know, whether its “you” or “me”,
it just hurts..

I’ve went through a messy break up with Mr T

when we went through lots of arguing, fighting
over stupid stuff.

After broken up with me, he spent most of his time
at home surfing the net ,
and accompany his mum.


I was going to get myself into anything else just to
forget about this
creature and definitely some casual dating.
Though it really hurts at first, but I m glad I had
survived through.

Any break up is hard, no matter who’s on the giving end
or receiving end.

But he was my true love, I never felt true sadness until
he left me. When we broke up, it was like he had took almost
half of my heart with him, and that half was what I needed most,
because the half he left
is the half that only loves him...

ps: Pleasure of love lasts but a moment, Pain of love lasts a lifetime

26 September 2007


Last few months I've been reading books about
witchcraft and cults and I'm some sort
of fascinated by it...

You will be thinking what exactly is witchcraft?

There's alot of truth and version of interpreting the
term "witchcraft"
but it actually means
"The Craft of the Wise" and every witches are
supposed to create their own set of "unique" book
based on personal experiences and destroy it
at the end of their lives..

Well, the biggest attractions in witchcraft is the
"Spells" and "Magic".

Yes, witches do cast spells and they believed "spells"
are like a prayer and change the life of a loved ones.
They believed in all kinds of magic like "flower magic",
"tree magic" herbs, incense and oils magic",
"colour magic" and "candle magic", etc...

Candle magic

It was one of the oldest and easiet forms of magic
that all witches used.

Candles can be used for spell or ritual as generally
it made out of
beeswax and are associated with nature.

Different coloured candles represent different spells.
For eg, Red and Pink candles are for spells of love & passion.

Green candles are for healing and luck.
Yellow candles are for creativity.
Gold candles are for wealth and happiness and
Orange candles are for business goals.

When doing a spell that requires the power of candles,
witches must empower them by rubbing on the candle
and chanting...

" Oh beautiful candles, can you give me your power"~

ps: I try it and it works..

25 September 2007


23 September 2007

food so cute.. so kawaii ~

A night at the.....

Babes of LR


22 September 2007

Laughter reconnect my souL

Have a gd laugh.
Laughter is gd for soul?

Yes. Studies show laughter reduces
stress hormones, strengthens
immune systems n releases
endorphins.. and lessens anger,
guilt, stress and negative emotions
and provides a physical and
emotional release so you feel

Therefore laugh more and
you'll feel refreshed and revitalised from the inside out..~

Love and Lies

I realised a big part of our relationships
is built on lies.

For eg. Couples lie to each other
in a third of their interactions,
more often even than they deceive
other people.

And the "best" part is, it seems that
we remain utterly unrepentant!!!
Most liars appear 2b somehow
distressed by our own dishonestly.

But hmm..
I guess everyone would tell 90% of their lies again
if given a second chance!
You see, there are different degrees of lying..
some may be inexcusable and unforgivable..

For eg: So many less-eligible men simply try to pass
off as their more successful peers.
These men may lie about anything, from their
occupation and education to their social connections,
just to take a girl out for dinner.. and thats unforgivable!

I mean sometimes a little white lie is good..
For eg: when I ask my ex bf "Have I put on weight"?
and I guess "No" should be a fine ans..

ya.. We all know that there is only 1 right answer.
But if u get e wrong answer or consider for a moment
too long.. I guess even God cant help u.. ~~

Anway, we should be e judge of whether a white lie

should be told or not!

Of course, because we are not all angels with
shining halos around our heads, many a times
we lie simply to save our skin.

Admit it ok. Whether it is to avoid embarrassment
or shift the blame, lying no doubt is a baisc survival skill.


21 September 2007

Life is about how you feel...
I cant tell myself as much as I feel nothing.

Guess it's a lie?

It's really the only sense I have that matters
N thats e reason I'm here.
How I feel… and what caused it?
I used to feel too, but all I felt was pain.
Happiness was unfamiliar… and laughter was unknown.

And now?

Now I don't feel anymore. I don't think anymore.
And the only reason I can come up with is that my
heart just couldn't feel the pain any longer so it gave up.
It became immune to the feeling.

Sometimes I feel that life has no purpose, no direction,
no aim, no meaning, and yet I'm happy.

I can't figure it out...

I kept telling myself that nobody gets to live life backward,
therefore look ahead, and that is where my future lies...
The Voice Within

I guess I miss that someone...